Starting My First Blog

Just want a blog with little fuss? We're here for you. We'll take care of the tricky parts so you can focus on the writing.

Easy steps to set up a new WordPress blog with Gene Davis Software


  1. Register for an account on this site.

  2. Purchase a personalized domain

    If you've ever heard a website refered to such as,  then you've heard of domains. The "" portion of the name of the website is called a domain. Domains often end in ".com", but can end in ".net", ".me", ".us", and several other endings. Many of popular domain names are already owned. However, with a little inginuity, you can find a custom domain to purchase that fits your blog perfectly.

    Many people prefer to think of buying a domain as renting a domain. This is because there is an annual fee for domains. This pays for upkeep of the massive servers that track where to find the blogs and websites domains belong, too. It often takes one business day to finalize the domain purchase.

    The first step to setting up a blog is to choose and buy a personalized domain. Use our Domain Checker to find and purchase the domain that's right for you.

  3. Purchase a WordPress Blog Plan.

    After your domain purchase is finalized, choose a WordPress Blog Plan that fits your needs. If you have an existing domain purchased elsewhere
    that you own, that existing domain can be transfered instead of purchasing a new domain.

    Gene Davis Software offers three Wordpress Blog Hosting plans. The Basic Blogging plan allows for one website to blog on. It is a great plan to begin with for those new to blogging.

  4. Ask us for help!

    We're always happy to help. To us, setting up and maintaining WordPress blogs is easy. However, we understand how confusing server configurations can be! Let us help you with any questions you have.

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