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Zen Nihon Pro Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #7

[Name "Matt Casters"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "Japan"]
[Sente "Tanigawa Koji"]
[Gote "Morishita Taku"]
[Black_grade "Ryu-o"]
[White_grade "8dan"]
[Result ""]
[Comment ""]
[Source "Reijer Grimbergen"]
[Event "15th Zen Nihon Pro Tournament"]
[Date "19970513"]
[Round "4"]
[Venue ""]
[Proam "Professional"]
P7g-7f P8c-8d G6i-7h G4a-3b S7i-6h P3c-3d B8h-7g P4c-4d {Morishita is one of the best defenders in Shogi and chooses a defensive~strategy. Not very wise, since Tanigawa is probably the best attacker in~Shogi. Also, in the games Morishita won he played much more positively.~Shogi tends to award the positive players...~} S3i-4h S3a-4b P4g-4f S7a-6b S4h-4g P5c-5d S4g-5f S6b-5c R2h-4h N2a-3c K5i-6i G6a-5b P3g-3f K5a-4a K6i-7i G5b-4c N2i-3g K4a-3a {Four generals, bishop and knight to defend the white king. Is it enough to~defend against black's ideal attack of rook, bishop, silver and knight ~} P4f-4e P4dx4e {Morishita was sorry to have played this move. Better is probably 28.Nx4e Nx4e~Px4e Bx2b+ Kx2b P3e and now white has the counter B*3g Sx4e Bx4h+ Gx4h R*3i~K8h Rx3e+ and black is in trouble.~} P3f-3e P3dx3e N3gx4e N3cx4e B7gx2b+ G3bx2b P'4d S5cx4d {After 36.N3g+ Px4c+ +Nx4h +Px5c black is clearly better.~} S5fx4e S4dx4e R4hx4e P'4d R4ex3e P'3d R3e-6e {Morishita did not see this move long enough in advance.~} N'6d {Can't be helped, but white would have liked to use this piece somewhere else.~Also, the gold on 2b is painful.~} P'4e P4dx4e B'7a R8b-7b B7a-2f+ S'3e +B2f-3g P4e-4f N'7e {Great attacking move. Defense is difficult...~} R7b-6b {If 54.G5c then N8c+ R5b R7e and black wins.~} N7ex6c+ R6bx6c S'5b P'6b S5bx6c P6bx6c P'3f S3e-4d R'7a K3a-3b +B3gx4f P'4e +B4f-3g G2b-2a {Tries to reposition the bad gold, but there is no time.~} R7ax8a+ B'9b {This attack on dragon and rook looks painful for black, but Tanigawa has~calculated it all in advance.~} R6ex6d B9bx8a {After 72.Px6d +Rx9a white's position is even worse.~} R6dx8d B8a-9b R8d-8b+ R'2i N'3i P5d-5e +R8bx9a B9b-6e L'2f {It is hard to play a perfect Shogi game. If black would have played 81.N*4g~he would have won more quickly. For example 82.S*4f +B3h Rx1i+ N3e and the~double threat of Nx2c+~+Rx2a and +Bx6e is decisive.~} G2a-3a S6h-7g P1c-1d K7i-8h N'4f S7g-6f B6ex7f P'7g B7f-5d +B3g-4g R2i-2h+ S6f-6e S'6i P'4h N4f-5h+ S6ex5d G4cx5d B'7f S'4c +B4gx5h S6ix5h G4ix5h +R2hx3i N'6f