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Ryu-O Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #37

[Name "Thomas Majewski"]
[Email ""]
[Country "Japan"]
[Sente "Tanigawa"]
[Gote "Sanada"]
[Black_grade "Ryu-o"]
[White_grade "Chall"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Comment "Kakugawari"]
[Source "This week in shukan shogi"]
[Event "10th Ryu-O sen"]
[Date "19971029"]
[Round "2"]
[Venue ""]
[Proam "Professional"]
P7g-7f P8c-8d G6i-7h G4a-3b S7i-6h P3c-3d B8h-7g {In the first game of this match, it was kind of surprising to see Tanigawa~choose a Furibisha strategy. Since this is not his natural strategy, he was~expected to use it only if he would get a comfortable lead in the match. This~game's opening is no surprise, though. Tanigawa is a specialist in the~Kakugawari (Bishop Exchange) opening.~} P8d-8e S3i-3h S7a-7b P2g-2f B2bx7g+ S6hx7g S3a-4b P1g-1f P1c-1d P9g-9f P9c-9d P4g-4f P6c-6d S3h-4g S7b-6c K5i-6h G6a-5b S4g-5f S4b-3c G4i-5h K5a-4b K6h-7i S6c-5d P6g-6f P7c-7d P4f-4e {Aggresive, Tanigawa-like opening play. Since white has not played the 4d pawn,~black takes control of the center. White's position is very strong, though and~hard to break down.~} N8a-7c P3g-3f K4b-3a N2i-3g R8b-6b B'4f {Strong square to drop the bishop. It seems Sanada had nothing special against~Tanigawa's strategy and is forced into a waiting game (sakusen-make).~} R6b-6a K7i-8h L9a-9b {Criticized by Morishita, whi felt that immediately 21...S6c followed by P5d~would have been better.~} R2h-4h G5b-4b {All waiting moves by white. He can only be patient until black starts the~attack.~} L1i-1g {Tanigawa decides that attacking on the edge is more promising than attacking~through the center.~} S5d-6c {The sealed move and a subtle defense move. 23...K2b is not so good, because of~24.N2e S2d 25.S5e which favours black.~} S5f-4g {Another preparation move, this time to defend the head of the knight against~a later pawn drop on 3f.~} P5c-5d R4h-1h S3c-2d P2f-2e S2d-3c P1f-1e P1dx1e L1gx1e L1ax1e R1hx1e P'1c R1e-1i R6a-8a P'1b S3c-2b P3f-3e P3dx3e B4fx3e G4b-5b P4e-4d P4cx4d B3ex4d L'4b B4dx2b+ {Strong bishop sacrifice and the only way to continue the attack.~} K3ax2b {Better would have been 36...Gx2b. After 37.P1a+ Lx4g+ 38.Gx4g P8f 39.Sx8f B*5h the~position can go either way.~} P1b-1a+ K2bx1a P2e-2d {If Tanigawa would have played 38.P*3c Gx3c 39.P*1d Px1d 40.Rx1d P*1c 41.P*3d G3b 42.S*3c~Nx3c 43.Px3c+ Gx3c 44.L*3f he would have won quickly. "I should have looked at that~more carefully" -Tanigawa. Now Sanada gets chances to get back in the game.~} K1a-2b P2dx2c+ G3bx2c P'2d G2cx2d L'2h P'2c L2hx2d P2cx2d S'3d P'3c {Strong defense. After this, black is struggling to make his attack work.~} G'2c K2b-3a S3dx3c+ K3a-4a P'4c L4bx4c +S3cx4c G5bx4c P'4d G4cx4d L'4f K4a-5b L4fx4d B'5e {Great move, but at the wrong time. If white would have played 100.P8f first,~the outcome of the game would have been very doubtful after 51.Sx8f (Px8f~P*8e is very difficult to defend) B*5e 52.L4b+ Kx4b 53.N4e S*4d 54.R3i P*3h 55.Rx3h P*3g.~} L4d-4b+ K5b-6b {The difference with the variation above is that with the silver still~defending the pawn on 6f, black can win the bishop by P5f and wins, so~white can not take the lance here.~} S4g-4f {Great silver sacrifice adding decisive strength to black's attack.~} B5ex4f R1i-4i B4f-3e R4i-4c+ P8e-8f S7gx8f L'8d P'4d L8dx8f P8gx8f S'6i G'5c K6b-7a G5cx6c {It is close, but white has no mate and no defense.~} R8ax8f P'8g S6ix7h+ K8hx7h R8fx8g+ K7hx8g B'6i S'7h P'8f K8gx8f S'8e K8f-7g S8ex7f K7g-6h