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Ryu-O Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #36

[Name "Thomas Majewski"]
[Email ""]
[Country "Japan"]
[Sente "Sanada"]
[Gote "Tanigawa"]
[Black_grade "Chall"]
[White_grade "Ryu-o"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Comment ""]
[Source "This week in shikan shogi"]
[Event "10th Ryu-O sen"]
[Date "19971106"]
[Round "3"]
[Venue ""]
[Proam "Professional"]
P7g-7f P3c-3d P2g-2f P4c-4d S3i-4h {This is a bit unusual in modern professional practice. The move P2f is~considered a minus point when playing the Yagura opening by black. So,~black players play P2e here to force B3c, after which white has almost~no choice but to play Furibisha (Ranging Rook). This was what Tanigawa~had planned for this game. The differences are very subtle, and it is hard~to say if they have any influence on the outcome of the game. Sanada ignores~this reasoning and plays the opening differently.~} S3a-4b P5g-5f P5c-5d P3g-3f G4a-3b {After considerable thought, Tanigawa decides to play the Yagura opening~instead of Furibisha.~} G4i-5h S7a-6b S7i-6h G6a-5b P6g-6f K5a-4a S6h-7g S4b-3c B8h-7i B2b-3a K5i-6h {Black plays the Yagura Quick castle. This wins him a move, if he can keep~the bishop on 7i, since this bishop does not have to go anywhere to let~the king enter the castle. The opening strategy of both players is now a~debate between white not having pushed the rook pawn while black has moved~this pawn (one move loss for black perhaps) and the quick black castle against~the normal white castle (one move win for black).~} P7c-7d K6h-7h P7d-7e {Difficult to judge. White plays this to get a pawn in hand, and also gets the~black bishop to move, winning back the move that black gets when building the~quick yagura castle. Disadvantage: white has to move the rook to the edge.~} B7i-4f {Best response against the pawn exchange on 7e.~} R8b-9b {Of course 26.S7c loses after P*7d S6d P6e.~} P7fx7e B3ax7e G5h-6g K4a-3a P2f-2e K3a-2b S4h-5g G5b-4c K7h-8h P9c-9d P1g-1f {A very interesting moment in the game. The game is close to the end of the~first day, but not close enough for Sanada to seal the move. Sanada intends~to play the surprising S8f followed by R7h, but he does not want to show this~to Tanigawa just before the close of play. If he would play it right away, he~would give Tanigawa the opportunity to contemplate a counterstrategy all night.~Sanada decides to play a waiting move, but this gives Tanigawa the opportunity~to improve his position.~} P9d-9e {This move (which was also the sealed move) will make an important difference~later.~} S7g-8f B7e-5c R2h-7h P4d-4e B4f-2h P3d-3e P5f-5e P5dx5e P3fx3e P8c-8d B2hx5e P8d-8e S8fx8e B5c-6d B5ex6d P6cx6d P2e-2d S3cx2d S8e-7d B'9d {A painful drop, made possible by the exchange of 19.P1f P9e.~} G6g-7f {Shobute. Black has no choice, since all other alternatives are bad. 30.G6i-6h~loses the silver after 30...P*7c. 30.B*8e amounts to giving up a move after~30...Bx8e 31.Sx8e and black can not allow that.~} R9b-8b G7f-8e B9dx8e S7dx8e G'6g R7h-7e G6gx5g {White has clearly the better position, but this is a big mistake that gives~Sanada the opportunity to turn around the game. After 33...P*7d 34.Sx7d P*7c 35.S8e and~only then Gx5g, white has no chance to promote the rook and get counterplay~for losing two generals to the bishop.~} B'6a {Strong counter.~} P'5d {Looks weak, but is actually white's best chance. Tanigawa thought long and hard~about attacking possibilities like 34...P*8f 35.Px8f Rx8e 36.Px8e S*8f, but after~B*7f white loses because of the double threat on 4c. To kill this and a~possible bishopdrop on 5e, Tanigawa defends.~} B6ax4c+ G3bx4c B'6a S'3b B6ax4c+ {Sanada for a moment switches roles with "Lightning Speed Endgame" Tanigawa, but~fails. 37.G*8c kills the rook and is the way to go in this position. Black will~win after this, but still has to play a long and careful game. Sanada thinks~he has found a forced win, but he has overlooked a move.~} S3bx4c G'4b K2b-3c G4bx4c K3cx4c S'3d K4c-5b P'5c K5bx5c G'4c K5c-6c S8e-7d K6c-7b G4c-5b {So far a forced sequence. Sanada intended to play 44.P*7c, which seems~winning after 44...Nx7c 45.G5b and 44...Sx7c 45.Sx7c+ Nx7c 46.P*7d. However, Sanada here~realised that in the last variation after P*7d, white has the brilliant rook~sacrifice Rx8g+. Then, after Kx8g P*8f Kx8f P*8e Rx8e G*7f Kx7f B*6g K8g Bx8e+~black loses the rook, his mating threat and the game. After 44.G5b black's~attack is not strong enough.~} B'8d G5bx6b K7bx6b S'7c B8dx7c S7dx7c+ N8ax7c B'5a K6bx5a R7ex7c+ G'7b +R7cx8b G7bx8b R'7a K5a-6b R7ax9a+ G'8a +R9a-9d B'6g {With some good defending, Tanigawa has killed black's attacking chances and~now goes for the black king himself. There is no defense...~} +R9dx6d P'6c N'7d K6b-7b N7dx8b+ G8ax8b L'7i P'7c {Resigns 0/479 0/466~Time: 07:59:00 07:46:00~~A brave effort by Sanada, but he now faces the huge task of winning all~remaining games. Next game on November 18th and 19th.~}