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Colmar Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #7

[Name "Casters Matt"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "France"]
[Sente "Hoffmann Wolfgang"]
[Gote "Casters Matt"]
[Black_grade "5kyu"]
[White_grade "2dan"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Comment "yagura opening"]
[Source "Matt Casters' score sheet"]
[Event "Colmar '97"]
[Date "19970920"]
[Round "2"]
[Venue "Colmar"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
{ Wolfgang tricked me into playing static rook. All my fans~know allready that this is not my favorite opening. Black~left a couple of chances unused to win this game.~~Matt} P7g-7f P3c-3d P6g-6f P8c-8d S7i-7h S7a-6b P2g-2f S3a-4b G4i-5h G4a-3b S7h-7g P5c-5d P5g-5f G6a-5b G6i-7h K5a-4a K5i-6i S4b-3c B8h-7i P7c-7d B7i-6h B2b-3a G5h-6g P7d-7e P7fx7e B3ax7e P'7f B7e-4b S3i-3h P4c-4d S3h-2g G5b-4c P2f-2e K4a-3a S2g-2f P1c-1d K6i-7i P9c-9d P3g-3f K3a-2b K7i-8h P9d-9e P3f-3e P3dx3e S2fx3e P'3d S3e-2f L9a-9c B6h-4f R8b-9b P1g-1f N8a-7c P1f-1e P1dx1e L1ix1e { Sx1e is joseki and better ofcourse !} L1ax1e S2fx1e P4d-4e B4f-6h P9e-9f P9gx9f P'9g S7g-8f L9cx9f P'9c R9bx9c P'9d R9c-8c P2e-2d P2cx2d N2i-3g N7c-8e N3gx4e P'7g N4ex3c+ G4cx3c N8ix7g P9g-9h+ L9ix9h L9fx9h+ K8hx9h L'9f K9h-8i N8ex7g+ G6gx7g N'8e S1ex2d G3cx2d B6hx2d B4bx2d R2hx2d S'2c N'1d K2b-1c R2d-2i N8ex7g G7hx7g P'2h R2ix2h B'5g N'2e K1cx1d L'1e K1d-2d B'4f B5gx4f+ P4gx4f B'3g R2h-2g B3gx4f+ B'7i L9f-9h+ K8i-7h G'8h B7ix8h +L9hx8h K7hx8h B'7i K8h-9h L'9f L'9g L9fx9g+ S8fx9g N'8e G'1d S2cx1d S'1c N2ax1c N2ex1c+ S1d-2e G'1d K2d-3e L'8h P'9f { Black resigned}