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Colmar Shogi Kifu Collection

Kifu #2

[Name "Casters Matt"]
[Email "[email protected]"]
[Country "France"]
[Sente "Casters Matt"]
[Gote "Engelhardt Alexander"]
[Black_grade "2dan"]
[White_grade "4kyu"]
[Result "1-0"]
[Comment "Shikenbisha again"]
[Source "Matt Casters' score sheet"]
[Event "Colmar '97"]
[Date "19970921"]
[Round "4"]
[Venue "Colmar"]
[Proam "Amateur"]
{I like the 4th file rook opening very much. I came to know it very~well in the last couple of years. This particular trap was shown~to me by Toshio Miyata, here in Ghent.~~Matt~} P7g-7f P8c-8d P6g-6f P8d-8e B8h-7g P3c-3d R2h-6h S7a-6b K5i-4h K5a-4b K4h-3h K4b-3b K3h-2h G6a-5b S3i-3h P5c-5d P1g-1f P1c-1d S7i-7h S3a-4b G6i-5h S4b-5c P5g-5f P9c-9d P9g-9f P7c-7d P4g-4f P7d-7e P7fx7e S5c-6d P7e-7d S6d-7e P6f-6e B2bx7g+ S7hx7g B'7i { An understandable move, but nevertheless a serious mistake.~The trap ...~~Matt~} B'5g B7ix6h+ S7gx6h S7e-7f P4f-4e G4a-4b B5g-4f R8b-8d B'6f R8dx7d B6fx1a+ S7fx6e S6h-6g N8a-7c L'7i R7d-8d L7ix7c+ S6bx7c B4fx7c+ R8d-7d +B7cx7d S6ex7d R'2b K3b-3a { A mistake but I think the game was over anyway.} R2bx2a+ { This is mate.}